We are a boutique agency that provides forward thinking companies with opportunities to continue growing their brands by offering innovative ways to get consumers engaged with their products during the world’s shift to a stay at home, socially distant way of life.


We are a boutique creative marketing agency that provides lucrative ways for influencers and artists to continue creating and building their brands by offering innovative ways to engage their fans while connecting them with opportunities to grow their endeavors.


I am a creative artist who struggled to figure out how I could sustain myself during this pandemic and constantly worried about the future of production, entertainment and marketing. Becoming a creative influencer has been a game changer for me. Not only was I able to connect with new audiences on innovative virtual platforms but with so many fellow artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs out of work and in need of sustainable marketing strategies I have been able to help other artists and brands adapt and thrive amidst continuing uncertainty. Thus Creative Endeavors Artists was born.
Today, CEA is expanding beyond our inner circle and actively developing long term influencer, brand and audience connectivity through influencer development, partnerships with sustainable brands, ambassador relationships with emerging social platforms and full service in house productions, all as we focus beyond 2020 into the years ahead. Creative Endeavors is here to help you Create, Connect, Grow and Thrive!


– A.J.